Monday, July 28, 2008

July 27 2008

8:00 to 10:00 am

Grower monitoring field.

4:00 pm

I took out my 2 stunt kites for flight. Practiced near NW corner of field.

Saw one group of 12-15 robins exit north center part of field IN ONE group. I therefore stand to be seeing robins entering and exiting field in a flock or at least a group. Most often they are solo or in 2-3's. But this was informative to me.

5:00 pm

Drove west edge of field.

Observed 3 robins. Seems like the consistent robin pressure is at the north center part of the field - all using my woods for staging and return. DRAT!

5:45-6:30 pm

Grower monitoring, 2 shotgun discharges.

6:20 pm

I observed from my house, as the grower was driving west edge of field (south to north), hawk that looked like a Coopers hawk was flying in searching pattern 5-15 feet off the ground near the grower. Hk was over the grass part of the adjacent field approx. 30 feet west of berries. Interesting.


REMEMBER: The villain is the Starling. It is not the grower.

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paulhummerman said...

It appears you are a nice farmer trying to avoid those dreadful cannon (I live far away, on Long Island, NY, where they are also a big problem. Good luck with your great, and quiet, work!