Monday, July 28, 2008

July 26 2008

7:10 am

I moved 7 JK's and the eagle to new locations. Left others because of muddy access on the north. Did some maintenance; separated one of the doubled-up poles into just one bamboo pole...two were just to much for the bottom pole...flexed too much. Took 1 hr.

Observed 26 robins, 4 finches, 2 cedar ww, 2 starlings. 90% of the robins were (when I first arrived) were in the n center field in the rows that were recently and partially picked. Seems like they wer after fruit either dropped or live hanging near or touching the ground.

Grower monitoring 7:30-8:00 am shot 2 screamers, 1 shotgun. I was at the south end of field, he was at north. Saw about 10 robins leave field for woods directly east from gun discharge. When I got to north end about 10 min later, there were about 10 robins still active in that part of field, this including the starlings, which I scared off from the field w/ hand claps.

I noticed the north end squawker is not operating - wonder if this anything to do w/ conc of robins there...will check w/ grower.

Early variety is very ready for picking, only about 5% not ripe, still green!

6:15 am to 8:30...cannons firing off in NE about 3 mi distance.

8:30 am

Observed a flock of apprx 300 starlings in grass field across road near dairy pasture near my house, 1/4 mi due west from berries .

10:30 am

Starlings seem to be gathering & grouping more in flocks. Observed this in area by heifer barn and their congregating on telephone lines near barn.

11:00 am

Grower monitoring field, shot 1 screamer.


I am seeing that flock of 300 Starlings very active in and around manure lagoon across road from my house.

6:30 pm

North county cannons active since 8:30 am, one triple-shooter just started up to west 3-4 miles...Axling rd?


REMEMBER: The villain is the Starling. It is not the grower.

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