Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 20 2008

1:00 am

1 or 2 cannons going off every 4-5 minutes. Sounds like they are approx. 4 miles away.

3:30 am

Same cannons still going off.

7:30 am

I went out to the field, moved the eagle to the center-center of the field. Dispersed the JK's to the SW and NW corners, with some at the N and S ends. Took 45 minutes.

Met the grower in the field, who was monitoring.

Observed around 11 robins, 12 finches and no Starlings.

Looks like the early variety (center rows) are about 90-95% blue-ripe. Later variety just turning.

7:00-8:30 am

Lots of cannons going off, most are triple-shooters. At 8:30 am they all turned off.

10:15 am

Sa a Rough-legged hawk roosting on a telephone pole 3/4 mile SW of field.

10:45 am

Observed "my" hawk active and vocal around my woods.
"My Hawk"

11:00 am

Hearing cannons off 4-5 miles to the NE I think, single shooters. I think they are in Canada.

11:30 am

Observed a flock of 15 Starlings transit west to east over my property, toward the north end of the blueberry field. Looked like they wanted to land in the field, glided, but continued on to a large tree 400 feet east of the field

12 - noon

Grower setting out flats for start of picking tomorrow.

12:15 pm

Observed 1 Rough-legged hawk fly from the area of the field, to a telephone pole 1/4 mile due east. "My" hawk and it are vocalizing back and forth.

3:30 pm

"My" hawk is across my road, playing or whatever with another Rough-legged hawk, and now both are roosting on irrigation pipe...they are very vocal.

5:30 pm

Drove the perimeter of the blueberry field. Took 15 min.

Observed 3 robins, 1 finch, and no Starlings.

6:30-8:00 pm

Grower monitoring the field, fired off 2 screamers.


REMEMBER: The villain is the Starling. It is not the grower.


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful to note the location of the field to the local berry commission so this grower does not jeopardize the use of this hazing device for everyone.

CS said...

I am not sure at all what you are driving about. Can you be a bit more clear as to your meaning "...jeopardize the use of this hazing device for everyone."? Are you talking about screamers, or what?