Monday, July 28, 2008

July 25 2008

7:15 am

Was going to drive north end of field but dairy farm just north was irrigating on the dirt roadway, with so much water-it was a river. I had go on grass to avoid getting stuck. Drove through to east road.

Observed a good # of robins but couldn't count for getting stuck.

Called grower to inform situation with water and robins. Recommend taking some screamers.

7:25 am

Observed 1 Rough-legged hawk on tele pole 1/4 mi se of field.

4:20 pm

Observed 200 starlings in or around dairy manure lagoon next to my house, quite active.

4:30 pm

Drove west side of field. Saw no birds. Probably robins were on ground.

5:30-6;00 pm

Grower monitoring...shot 2 screamers and 2 shotgun.


REMEMBER: The villain is the Starling. It is not the grower.

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