Friday, August 1, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...the Ugly

Let's get right to it -- the use of Lp cannons at night is more than ugly, it is irresponsible in the best, perhaps illegal in the worst.

Beyond that, it is just (let me wisely choose my words here) unbelievably "not useful"!

If the idea for using these most intrusive devices is to "shock and awe" fruit-eating predatory birds, thus scare them away, then someone has got to explain to me, what species of bird is in the fields at night here in Whatcom County?

I do not want to make this bigger than it should be. Yet to hear on 5 occassions the past 14 days, 2 triple-shooter cannons going of at all hours of the quiet night, oh the lament for the sanities of those living near by. For from 3-miles away my wife and I were woke up by this. Window open, drawing in the cool night air, so quiet you could hear Sprint's pin drop, and then boom, boom, boom...and boom, boom, boom...

This was only one grower, only one, here in Whatcom County as far as I can tell. Only one.

One does not color the rest of the blueberry industry of many. But boy oh boy does it do it sad harm.

So that's the ugly part, perhaps the ugliest it can get. We trust it will end and not reoccur.


REMEMBER: The villain is the day-operational Starling. It is not the day-operational grower.


Anonymous said...

People make mistakes, equipment malfunctions. Surely someone as devoted as you in this matter and as disturbed by this emanation would locate the source and notify the grower, as well as the other parties interested in this issue. There is no tolerance for night firing.

CS said...

Yes, after the 5th night of night cannons, I was able to find the precise field, but could not find out who the owner is. I think it is an absentee grower. Anyway I did contact a knowledgeable and proactive ag agency person, and he got through to the grower.

Thanks to you for knowing we are on the same "page" - night firing is intolerable.

I appreciate your comments.