Friday, August 1, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...the Good

If you've been reading my posts, you should by now realize how much I appreciate my neighbor blueberry grower. Not only has he invested a great deal in capital, labor, planning and resources, he has also invested priceless care and concern for his 24 neighbors living near his berry field.

Why is he to be appreciated?

1. He did not use Lp cannons.
2. He regularly monitored his fields.
3. He used screamers and/or shotgun discharges to a minimum, and only after 7 am or before 6 pm, and only when he felt there was sufficient bird presence.
4. He used 2 squawkers which are a more moderate audible device.
5. He deployed 20 JacKites on an ever changing location basis.
6. He deployed 2 Helikites on a more limited, back-up basis, also changing in location.
7. He has been considering the purchase and installation of netting for this field.

All this informs me that this particular grower is operating from a balanced perspective of desiring reasonable return on his investment, coupled with a desire to be a good neighbor.

I personally thank him and his family for their supreme effort to work this fine and often "dicey" line! They are much valued as an important part of our agricultural/rural community.

But not to be overlooked...there are others to thank.

Make no mistake, overall this growing season, the blueberry interests in north Whatcom County have made significant strides forward with their use of Lp cannons. They have limited the hours, narrowed the hours, reduced frequency between firing events, and (although I can not see them) it sure seems they have been monitoring their fields to a greater extent.

This is what I sense, mostly via what I hear, from where I live. I have also talked with a variety of other people living all over the north county area, and they too echo my observations and appreciation.

So thank you all of you blueberry growers who have responded this way!


REMEMBER: The villain is the Starling. It is not the grower.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you in return for your efforts. I understand that we do not see things similarly and I criticize your attempts, but I appreciate the sincerity of your efforts and am glad that notice has been taken of the effort that the growers put forth.

CS said...

Back at you "Anonymous", thanks for your recognition.

Your words, "...we do not see things similarly..." are understandable I guess to some extent.

Yet your, "...I criticize your attempts..." really baffles me. You just stated your thanks for my efforts, yet you criticize my attempts. I am confused. What do you mean? Can you clarify? I suspect your criticizm has something to do with a small matter, a subset of all that was done this summer. Help me out here...I really want to learn from your perspectives and thoughts.