Monday, August 4, 2008

August 1 2008

Midnight and on....

A grower up in the Northwood/Halverstick area is firing 2 triple-shot cannons every 2 min for each cannon.

8-8:30 am

Grower monitoring.

8:50 am

I fixed the eagle pole for it slipped down 2 sections.

Observed 6 robins, 6 finches, 1 gold finch; 12 starlings, most in or departing mid center of field. North end squawker still not operating.

Berries very ripe. I really wonder if I should just take down all the JacKites...they have been up way too long without substantial change. But we're so close to's a dilemma.

11:15 am

I am in the field again...the eagle pole telescoped down again. Must be from being wet. I moved it south about 100'.

Observed 14 robins, 3 finches, 3 starlings. 12 of the robin leaving from the very NW corner, now using adjacent corn field vs the woods now for retreat location...much closer less energy. I shot one shotgun shell, no effect on robins. However when I drove nearby, about 12 left field.

1:00 pm
A vulture arising from bait.

5:30 pm

I am monitoring.

Observed 7 robins, 4 finches, 0 starlings.
Observed 1 vulture 500' height, due east about 1000' and is circling.
Saw a Coopers hawk SE of the field.

6:30-7:00 pm

Grower monitoring, fired 2 screamers.

6:50 pm

A group of 10-15 vultures came in very fast from west circled woods landed I think on north of woods. I called grower on cell to warn not to fire screamer for fear of driving them away. Grower most immpressed with their appearing and appearance ... Asked how I got them there...informed the use of cow innards which attracted a lone vulture which brought the rest.
Grower also commented, "There so few birds!" I replied, "Well its been a good effort, we've learnd a lot."

I've seen on 3 occasions today 1 or more Rough-legged hawks on telephone pole 1/4 mi due east.

11:30-12 pm

Heard one or two triple-shooter(s) cannons firing very rapidly, almost like a machine gun speed... Then stopped. I believe they are the ones we've been hearing at night from the NE.


REMEMBER: The villain is the Starling. It is not the grower.

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