Monday, August 4, 2008

August 3 2008

2:45 am

Two triple-shooter cannons going...I think from SE? Got out of bed to try to locate..but by time outside they stopped. I think someone was setting and/or testing them.

9:15 am

Calm, sunny.

Again fixed eagle pole.

Observed 13 robins, 12 finches, 1 starling. 7 finches were Amer. gold finches.
No vultures etc. Perhaps too little wind to fly. Bait still there.

I see 45-50 starlings on telephone line by barn just north of my house.

12:30 pm

Rough-legged hawk circling north end of blueberry field in tight circles.
Not seeing any starlings near my area or the barn area.

4:30 pm

JacKite bald eagle line tangled around it's wings - fixed.

Observed 10 robins, 7 finches, 3 starlings all in very NW corner of field - the robins are using corn field for retreat. Rest of field is quiet.

I fired 2 shotgun blasts...nothing happened, nothing rousted.

4:45 pm

Noticed less presence and actvity from the 3 Rough-legged hawks. Also much less presence of swallows...where do both go?

7:00 pm

North dairy field adjacent to the berries is being irrigated.

Observed 15 robins, 4 finch, 6 starlings. Most are entering/exiting the center mid-point in the field. Starlings and finches using my woods for staging.


REMEMBER: The villain is the Starling. It is not the grower.

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