Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4 2008


Calm; very bright morning sun.

I went out to put up the two Helikites. Topped them off with helium. Deployed 1 at the very NW corner of field at about 1/2 elevation; the other deployed at about center of field on the west row to full elevation. Took 20 min.

Saw & talked grower, says will start handpicking today. He was patroling perimeter of field.

I was planning on resupply the bait area with fresh innards, but if picking starts, will hold off. With 30 people spread out in the field, this will help repel Starlings.

I observed 16 robins, 4 finches, 2 starlings. Robins are still feeding mostly at NW corner; the Starlings in the mid-center.

One Rough-legged hawk on telephone pole NE 1/2 mile.

Two or three triple shot cannons going of NE about 1 mile. They were on only a short time from about 8-8:30 am.

I shot 1 shotgun shell, this flushed 1 starling, 2 robins.

2:00 pm

Helikites are active in the wind.

4:00 pm

I saw 2 Rough-legged hawks resting side-by-side on telephone 1/4 mile due west.

5:00 pm

I move and lowered the HK that was center in west row.
Observed 7 robins, 5 finches, 1 starling.

6-6:15 pm

Took down 1 HK; other put on post 1/2 way between woods and NW corner. Left at 30' height, will leave up all night. Placing at this location because its the major traffic conduit to the field.
Took 15 min.

Observed 6 robins, 2 finches, 1 starling. No or little bird activity to south part of field.

Dairy to west of me, injecting manure in his fields - all day.

6:30 pm

Cannons to the NNE firing, about 1 to 1 and half mile.

7:15 pm

Cannons to NW, N, and NE shooting. I think most are Canadian.
See very little activity between NW corner of field and woods.

7:20 pm

It sounds like a war to the north, can't count # of cannon blasts; but I think the bulk are Canadian.

8:00 pm

Cannons all off.


REMEMBER: The villain is the Starling. It is not the grower.

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